How grow potatoes?

Home gardeners always cultivate vegetables such as tomatoes, peas and peppers—but did you ever try homemade potatoes? Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are root starchy, American cuisine classics. A large crop of potatoes is a major improvement to your vegetable garden, since potatoes are much longer in the garden than tender vegetables.. Here’s How grow potatoes

Where to plant potato

In comparatively cool soil, potatoes grow best, preferably between 45 and 75 degrees. This means that the season of potato production varies according to the climate

In cool weather: When your region has mild winters and soft summers, only after the last day of freezing plant the potatoes. This generally suggests that, in the north of the United States, potato seed is in early spring, between mid and late April.

In warm weather conditions: if the summers are very warm in your region and the winter is very mild, then grow potatoes in late summer as the weather begins to cool. This generally means in September in the South of the United States.

How long would potatoes take to grow?

The time it takes for the plants to mature depends on the type of potatoes that you choose to grow. Varieties of the early season (such as Yukon Gold) will yield for 75 to 90 days, of the mid-saison type (such as Russet) for 90 to 135 days and of the late-season varieties (such as French fingerling) for 135 to 160 days. For example, if you have fewer days in your territory, where the ground temperature is between 45 and 75 degrees, choose the best variation for your area. In reality, consider early season.

How to Grow Potatoes

Common planting in comparison with cultivating other crops is a simple, unique task.

Purchase seed potato

Although many garden vegetables are grown from seeds, potatoes are cultivated vegetatively, which means that the product itself can grow new germs. In order to grow potatoes there is a need for potato seeds, or for potatoes filled with “eyes,” spots that sprout cropped plants readily. If necessary, avoid foodstuffs for your seed potatoes, which are often handled with a sprouting inhibitor.


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